Lack of perspective in the data jungle?SimCog software solutions turn your data into insights

Today, companies have more data than ever before at their disposal – but often fail to use it purposefully in the competitive environment. Since 2012, SimCog has been developing custom software systems that extract insights from a wide variety of data sources to uncover growth drivers and potential competitive advantages in any data deluge, no matter how large – quickly and effectively.

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  • Since 2015, we use SimCog's artificial intelligence to improve our customer service constantly
    Oliver HöringWestfa Liquid GasCEO
  • With the SimCog solution, we gain planning security in our marketing decisions.
    Constantin JanßenratiopharmCommercial Management

Don’t let the true potential of your data go unused

“Data is the new gold” – this quote is more relevant than ever. Never before have enterprises had such quantities of high-quality data at their fingertips. At the same time, the effort of evaluation and, above all, the complexity of the interrelationships have increased enormously. In most cases, there is simply a lack of internal know-how, the right tools or the necessary resources.

The result of many elaborate internal data analyses: only a few insights have a real impact on the company’s decision-making. In the end, managers must rely on their gut instincts, which are often deceptive.

Secure your company’s success through data-driven decisions

Increasingly, the ability to access the right data, the appropriate know-how and the right systems for meaningful data analysis are decisive for the competitiveness of companies. Those who miss too many opportunities to use data-driven decisions to respond to ever-changing markets and business models run the risk of missing the boat and becoming obsolete.

Our team of data scientists with a background at CERN has been helping innovative companies break down data silos, interlink information sources and thus create the basis for the best possible decisions at both strategic and operational levels since 2012.

Our software solution, your competitive advantage

The result is flexible software solutions that help you achieve your business goals more efficiently, giving your team more time to focus on their core competencies.

We know about the multitude of software products that companies have in use today – and that can hardly interact with each other. SimCog therefore does not offer you IT software “off the shelf”, but develops tailor-made data analysis products for you that make your already existing systems more intelligent. Your advantage: Your employees use systems they already know, but more efficiently, more effectively and without additional technical hurdles.

Convince yourself of the further advantages of our automations

  • 1

    Identification and linkage

    of the data sources relevant for key target indicators

  • 2

    Expert know-how in pattern recognition

    in feature planning and model validation by our data science team

  • 3

    Reliable simulations of relevant target indicators

    e.g. turnover & sales