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New-style revenue forecasts help you make better decisions for the maximum impact of your advertising.

HealthOTCSim - The sales prediction for your OTC products

Our team of analysts, consisting of particle physicists trained at CERN, develop tailor-made, self-learning algorithms to forecast sales for your products. Patterns in historical sales and advertising spendings for your product as well as those of your direct competitors are detected. In addition, other external data such as weather, holidays, special events and more are included. This enables a new quality of sales forecast from OTCSim, which forms the basis for the optimization of your advertisingspendings .

In this way, various advertising spending plans can be modeled and the respective effects on sales predicted. It has never been so easy to get clear and simple answers free of conflicts of interest. Thanks to a collaboration with renowned data providers, the simulation tool enables an agency-independent optimization of your media plans - without any expenditure for you!

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mean absolute error for three years < 3%
mean absolute error for one year < 1%
mean absolute error per week < 4,5%

  • Predictive analytics from SimCog complement our offer ideally.
    Michael HensoldtINSIGHT HealthCEO