21. May 2015

About SimCog


SimCog is specialized in customized predictive analytics solutions. Particle physics has changed the development of self-learning algorithms in recent times. Thanks to the extremly large amount of data that characterises this field of science, machine learning algorithms have reached new areas of prediction quality.

The SimCog team consists mainly of particle physicists, who did their research within the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), where so far world’s largest data quantities are produced. SimCog develops self-learning algorithms, which can make automatic decisions on the basis of current and historic data, to increase efficiency of business processes. The methods from high energy physics are applied by SimCog on specific business problems. Furthermore, the founders of SimCog are experienced in social media monitoring since 2008. Hence, SimCog masters the processing of unstructured data (e.g. texts), ultimately applying it to the predictions.

SimCog predictions are driven by data fused from different data pools. This has the advantage of covering a wide range of influence factors, leading to optimized models. In addition, SimCog models take non-linear effects as well as the interplay between different factors into account. From total revenue and return shipment predictions to optimal pricing and marketing spend effectiveness, SimCog algorithms succeed in many different industry fields.

SimCog will also rise to the challenge of optimizing your particular application. Would you like to get to know more?


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