About SimcogWe want you to benefit from latest machine learning technology

As your expert for predictive analytics our core competency is to develop custom-made prediction algorithms that create maximum value for your business.

Our story and missionEnable businesses of any size to benefit from machine learning based prediction algorithms

The most successful growth stories of the past decade were in our view largely enabled by prediction algorithms. Google has become incredibly smart in predicting what we want to see when we search. It's due to smart prediction algorithms that Amazon knows so well what more customers are most likely to buy. However, the growth from these technologies is dominated and controled within such large organizations, mostly from overseas. Even if many technologies were developed in European research labs. Therefore our team of mostly particle physicists with a research background at the European Organization for Nuclear Research creates custom-made prediction algorithms for businesses of any size. At the moment we may be seen as the Gallian village in the French cartoon of Asterix & Obelix up against the Roman empire, but with help of our strong team and deep knowledge we would like to help European businesses of any size to utilize the prediction algorithms legaly and safely to create the most value for them.

Managing Partners

  • Simon EichingerMarketing & Sales

    After his management studies in Vallendar, St. Petersburg and Hyderabad, Simon worked for several years in the FMCG industry at Beiersdorf AG. Before he joined SimCog he built and managed several business with focus on automization and algorithm-based online marketing strategies.

  • Dr. Andreas MuthInvestor relations, finance, hr & legal

    With an educational background in law, Andreas has 25 years of experience in the banking industry, working as Trainee, Director, PHG and Board member at UBS and JP Morgan Chase. He has been a managing partner at SimCog since 2013.

  • Dr. Jan ThomsenData science & project management

    Jan studied physics in Heidelberg and Hamburg. He received his PHD at CERN. In 2009 he started specializing in predictive analytics, before he founded SimCog Technologies in 2012.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Andreas MadausConsultancy Fokus: Pharma and healthcare

    Andreas was a board member of Madaus AG and the association of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany as well as member of the advisory board of Pharmaplace AG and chief of advisory board of Volksbank Köln Bonn. 2017 he founded a company to develop elderly care products.

  • Karsten SchüttConsultancy Fokus: Retail, IT and logistics

    Karsten has many years of experience in retail industries and was a managing director of Deichmann SE with responsibility for IT and logistics.

  • Dr. Gerd von WedemeyerConsultancy Fokus: Retail, Technology

    Gerd was a managing director and owner of Gruber + Weber GmbH & Co. KG. Since 2003 he has been an active business angel and advisory board member in various medium-sized companies.